Advantages of an external hard drive

Benefits of having an External Hard Drive

Are you thinking about buying an external hard drive? Then this article is for you. Even if you are not, I will be discussing advantages of having an external hard drive. If you are new to this concept, let me explain what exactly an external hard drive is.

What is an External Hard Drive?

A hard drive is where all your data (letters or spreadsheets), programs (example: word, excel), your user information (settings such as color preference) and even your operating system (Windows) is stored. Until recently, it was only an internal component as far as your laptop or desktop computer was concerned. However in recent times, companies started introducing portable external hard drives. The only difference between external hard drive and internal hard drive that’s in the computer is the self-contained case.

How do you connect an external hard drive to your laptop or desktop computer?

You might have heard or seen USB connection in the front or back of the computer. Take a look at the picture of a USB connection below.

usb Advantages of an external hard drive


Your external hard drive can be connected directly to your system using the USB port in your computer. Another option for connecting external hard drive is by using a firewire port. This method is rarely used and most common external hard drive manufacturers are selling USB rather than firewire external hard drives.

 Now let’s find out what are the benefits on offer in having an external hard drive.

External Hard Drive: Advantages

  1. Backup: What happens if your computer crashes today? Most people don’t think about the backup until something catastrophic happens to the computer. The word, excel, iTunes music, projects, personal notes, contact list, emails or any other files can be backed up to an external hard drive easily. This is an excellent advantage of an external hard drive.
  2. Small size: They say good things come in small packages. A small sized external hard drive is just the same as a big internal hard drive. If you are on the move always, an external hard drive can come handy. You can easily carry it around and use it as you please. The portability aspect is another advantage of an external hard drive.
  3. Optimize internal hard drive: Moving chunks of data to the external hard drive will free up space from your internal (C Drive) hard drive will allow you to ensure better performance of the computer.  
  4. Avoid CDs and DVDs: An external hard drive saves you from the nuisance and potential scratched or damaged CD/DVD with data loss. Instead of copying files to CD/DVD, copy it to external hard drive.

This brief and simple article gave you an overview of the many advantages of having an external hard drive. Do a thorough research to find a cost effective external hard drive and reap the benefits. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this or any other technology topic. Let me know your feedback about this article by posting comments.

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