Advantages of using BCC when sending emails

 Advantages of using BCC while sending emails

 When have you mailed a letter via postal service last? Can’t remember? You are not alone. Number of users using email systems these days is growing exponentially. We rely on email for our day to day communications with our friends, family or business more than ever. Email system outages can make us cripple from a communication prospective. One of the tools some users are not aware of is called BCC. If you are aware of BCC, how often do you use BCC while sending emails? This post will focus on the various advantages offered by the BCC option.

 BCC stands for Blind Carbon Copy. It is a feature that lets you hide the recipient’s email address thereby protecting the person’s privacy. BCC is usually used when an email is sent to many individuals. Each recipient will not even know that the same email has been copied to other individuals.

 Usually, people opt for typing the addresses of intended recipients in the TO: field separated by coma. This will expose all addresses to all recipients. However, when someone enters the address in the BCC: field, it effectively makes it a blind copy.

BCC advantages

Using BCC has several advantages. The email addresses of your friends and colleagues will be protected from the spammers and scammers if you use BCC. This is an important aspect of email etiquette as it respects the privacy of the recipient. This is more so in the case of forwarded mails as it can result in repetition as well. It is a good idea to request a similar courtesy from your own friends as you will also escape spammers infringing on your privacy.

Sometimes you wish to forward a genuinely good email to those in your contacts list. In addition to your friends and relatives, your contact list may include email addresses of important people and even your clients at work. BCC feature will hide everyone’s addresses without blocking the email. Remember that it is within their right to demand privacy and BCC will prove to be a responsible way of communicating. In other cases, it becomes a case of being smart by not letting someone know that your email is copied to others. Here also the BCC option comes handy.

Moreover, it is really easy to avail the BCC feature. All you have to do is – just type all addresses in the BCC: field instead of the TO: field. The good news is that the leading email service providers like Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail support BCC. So from now onwards put BCC to best use while sending emails.

Tip: If you are using Microsoft Outlook, this feature needs to be turned on. In Outlook 2007, you can turn on this feature by opening Outlook, then Options and Select Show BCC. Please let me know if you are using other versions and I can guide you thru turning this feature. I welcome your comments and suggestions.


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