How to pass network username and password to access a nework share?

You can pass the network username and password to access shares using command line below.  net use R: “\\server/shares password /user:domain\username


How to detect a rogue DHCP server or devices on a network.

What is a rogue DHCP server? Rogue DHCP server is a server or devices that are misconfigured or unauthorized DHCP servers on the network that interferes with the normal operations of the network. The symptoms a rogue DHCP server includes slow network connection and random disconnects. If you are a network administrator, you may run in…
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How to route traffic thru another interface using firewall

Sonicwall Outbound Routing

Sonicwall firewalls are capable of routing specific (HTTP, SMTP etc) traffic thru different internet connections such as FIOS, T1 or Cable Modem. The following instructions are for Sonicwall Firewall administrators that wants to route traffic using another interface. 1. Click on Network 2. Click on Routing 3. Click Add and select the following options as shown…
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How to block certain websites from being accessed

How to block certain websites from being accessed As a parent or an owner of a small business, have you wondered how to block a web site from your children or employee’s computer? This article will explain some simple ways and devices that businesses or individuals can employ to accomplish this goal. OK, let’s get…
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