Citrix Versus Remote Desktop

Citrix versus Remote Desktop

Are there compelling business case for an expensive Citrix solutions these days since Remote Desktop from Microsoft is much cheaper? The answer depends on your enviornment. First of all, the cost for Remote Desktop licensing is around $100 versus Citrix cost of $500 or so. Unlike in the past, with Windows Server 2008 R2’s remote desktop is usable and offer a compelling case to consider running it.

One of the strong case can be made for Citrix if your user base is using devices such as IPAD or Android products. Citrix makes Citrix recievers that work seamlessly with Citrix server. I have received numerous requests for Citrix server implementations from executives wanting to use IPAD and other devices. Remote desktop can be used from an IPAD or Andriod devices using third party utilities such as Logme In Ignition or Wyse’s Pocket Cloud application.

The other benefit for Citrix can be made if your users are connecting from slow WAN link. Citrix XenApp server’s HDX protocol works better than RDP protocol.

From an administrator’s point of view, suppose you have 10 Remote Desktop servers. If you want to publish word, you will have to publish it 10 times since there is no central management console. Citrix offers single database and single configuration management options that makes publishing to 10 servers easily with one single click.

Over the years, gap between Remote Desktop and Citrix XenApp server narrowed enormously.  The Web Interface, SSL gateway, App publishing can be done on Remote Desktop server as well these days.

In summary, your requirements for features and performance will determine the product you need to implement. If you have a specific question about your enviornment or have more question, please contact me at

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