Exchange 2007 NDR Settings


Exchange 2007 NDR Settings  hub ndr Exchange 2007 NDR Settings

  • Launch the Exchange Management Console
  • Expand the Organization Configuration folder
  • Click on Hub Transport
  • Select Remote Domains (Key point)
  • Right-click Default (Tab)
  • Click on the Message Format (Tab)
  • To turn off NDR, remove the tick on Allow non-delivery reports.  (See NDR screenshot to the right)

Note:  You can also control ‘Allow delivery reports’ on this tab.  These are the normal DSN delivery status notifications.

PowerShell commands to disable NDR in Exchange 2007

If you are experimenting with allowing, or disabling NDRs, then this PowerShell cmdlet will be quicker.

Launch the Exchange Management Shell type:

set-RemoteDomain “Default” -NdrEnabled $false

Note 1:  “Default” is the name of the Remote Domain setting where you want to turn off NDR.

Note 2:  To Allow non-delivery reports, change
set-RemoteDomain “Default” -NdrEnabled $false
set-RemoteDomain “Default” -NdrEnabled $true.  This places a tick in the checkbox.  If you clear this option, NDRs aren’t sent to any email address in the remote domain.

Note 3:   For more information about this, or any other PowerShell cmdlet, precede the command with get-Help.  For example: get-Help set-RemoteDomain.

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