How to block certain websites from being accessed

How to block certain websites from being accessed

As a parent or an owner of a small business, have you wondered how to block a web site from your children or employee’s computer? This article will explain some simple ways and devices that businesses or individuals can employ to accomplish this goal.

OK, let’s get started. Suppose you just want to block a web site such as www.facebook.com. The easiest way to accomplish this task is by fooling the computer in to thinking that www.facebook.com is not a site on the internet. If you have a windows 7 or vista or XP computer, you can open up the following file.

  1. Double click on “My Computer” or “Computer” icon. Depending on your computer setup, it may be located on your desktop or you should see if when you click the start button.
  2. Double click “Local Disk (C : )” Drive.
  3. Double click “Windows” folder.
  4. Double click the “System32”folder.
  5. Double click “Drivers” folder.
  6. Double click “etc” folder.
  7. Double click “Hosts” file.
  8. A screen (name: open with) will pop up with a prompt to choose a program to open with. Choose notepad and go to the last line of that file, then type as shown below.      www.facebook.com

      9. Click file and then save the file.

Even though there are 9 steps, it is very simple to do.

If you are a small business owner, I recommend implementing a product called “cymphonix”. Check out their site www.cymphonix.com for more details. You can also try Sonicwall Content Filter or other content filters as well. Remember, filtering out unnecessary website will save you money in the long run, improve productivity and avoid security problems

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