How to create a transport rule in Exchange 2007 Server?

Have you wondered how to create transport rule in Exchange 2007 Server? Exchange 2007 server offers easy ways to setup disclaimer or informational items such as change of address to every outgoing emails from your server. This can be enabled by the following.

1. Open up Exchange Management Console

2. Expand Organization Configuration

3. Click on Hub Transport

4. Click on the transport rules and right click on anywhere in the white background to select a “New Transport Rule”

5. Give it a name you prefer. You can call it any name you choose. Depending on the rules you want to create, options will be different. In this example, we will see how to create a disclaimer attached to every outgoing messages. Click next to continue.

6. A screen for Condition criteria will appear.  In the step 1 box, Select from users inside or outside the organization and sent to  users inside or outside the organization. In the step 2 box, click on the blue line (inside or outside) to select according to your preference. Click next to continue.

7. In the Actions, select “Append disclaimer textusing font, size, color, with separator and fallback to action if unable to apply” under step 1. In Step 2, click on the blue line for the disclaimer to add the text of the disclaimer. You can change font, size etc on the same screen by clicking on the underlined options. Click next to continue.

8. In the next exceptions screen, add any exceptions if you want to have it and click next.

That’s all it takes. It is easy to add disclaimers or add rules in Exchange 2007 compare to previous versions of Exchange. I would love to hear your comments. If you have any private comments or organization specific questions, please email them to info@tecmaze.com.

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