How to detect a rogue DHCP server or devices on a network.

What is a rogue DHCP server?

Rogue DHCP server is a server or devices that are misconfigured or unauthorized DHCP servers on the network that interferes with the normal operations of the network. The symptoms a rogue DHCP server includes slow network connection and random disconnects.

If you are a network administrator, you may run in to rogue DHCP servers hopefully rarely. This can be unknowingly or knowingly by non-technical technical people or users. These days with the availability of routers (example: linksys, d-link, netgear routers) that have switches built in with DHCP turned on could cause this issue.

As an administrator, it is tough to troubleshoot, however, you can download this tool from Microsoft’s DHCP Team that will scan the network and detect rogue DHCP devices. You can schedule this tool to run or run it randomly. Download this tool from the following site.


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