How to Setup EIGRP Protocol on a Cisco Router?

The following are the commands to setup an EIGRP protocol on a Cisco Router. These commands are model independent.

1. Sign on to the router

2. Go in to Enable mode

3. Enter Config

4. Enter the Following commands

router eigrp 100

eigrp (network address of the interfaces on the local router such as


1. Sho ip eigrp nei – it will show you the neighbor hops or devices that can connect thru your eigrp router

2. sho run | sec eigrp – this command will display the eigrp configuration on your router

3. sho run int gig0/1 – you can replace gig0/1 with your interface name and it will show you the configurations that is tied in to that specific interface

4. Sho cdp nei – This command show you the neighboring devices such as switches on the network

5. Clear cdp table – clears the cdp table as the name indicates

6.sho cdp nei de – this command will reveal details about the neighboring devices that’s attached  to your communication systems

7. do sho run – the do command will execute commands as if you are in the enable mode even if you are the config mode

If you enter sho run | sec eigrp, it will list the configuration of eigrp. sho r If you having specific questions about your network enviornment, you can reach me at

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