How to setup the speed and duplex setting on a Cisco router or switch?

If you need to set the speed of the connection, then the following are the commands for it.

1. Sign on to the router and go to enable mode (enter ENABLE at the prompt)

2. Enter in to the config mode (enter config from enable mode)

3. Specify the interface you want to set the speed. For example, interface g 0/1

4. Enter Speed 10 (for 10mb in this case)

5. Enter Duplex Full (for full duplex)

That’s it. It is very simple to do. You can verify the settings by entering the following command from the enable mode.

sho run int g0/1 (replace g0/1 with your interface name)

Sho ip int brief – this command will show you all the interfaces on your network

sho ip int brief | ex un – shows you active interfaces

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