IP Address

What is an IP address?

If you are reasonably exposed to computers, you must have definitely come across the term IP address. Although most computer users are familiar with the term, they seldom know the real significance of their IP address. After reading today’s article, you will have a better understanding about the concept of IP address.

Concept of IP address

IP address is short for Internet Protocol Address. So let’s learn about Internet Protocol first.  Like everywhere else, there are a set of rules on the World Wide Web too. These rules control all activity on the internet and has complete control over all actions performed on the web. In technical terms, it is called as an interconnected grid. The Internet Protocol address (IP address) is actually a part of this grid which facilitates all forms of online communication. How does this grid make communication possible? Online communication happens when this governing interconnected grid identifies a system that initiates communication with another internet destination.

What makes an IP address?

Your IP address will look something like, i.e. just four sets of numbers! As you notice, each number will have a maximum of three digits and each separated by a dot (.). It might be surprising for you to think that, a mere protocol consisting of numbers is what helps us to transmit data over various internet connections. Also keep in mind that it is possible for your IP address to be translated into words by Domain Name System (DNS). Memorizing words will be much easier than grappling with numbers. For example, DNS makes it easier for us to remember www.cnn.com rather than

What are static and dynamic IP addresses?

Let’s talk about static IP address first. As the name suggests, a static IP address remains a constant. In fact, a static IP address is your ‘permanent’ presence in the World Wide Web and it is just like your mailing address. Your static IP address may reveal a bit more though – from your region to city to your country and continent and even information regarding your Internet Service Provider (ISP). In short static IP address reveals your exact location.

Dynamic IP addresses are used because Internet Service Providers can lower their costs. They in fact juggle with a set of static IP addresses by enabling their sharing among various subscribers. However, a dynamic IP address is only like your temporary address. You get a temporary address every now and then you get connected to the internet.

Now that you have understood about the two types of IP address you will be able to gauge any continuing information pretty easily. Alright; now you might want to know your IP address. Go to www.whatismyip.com to find out your IP address today. Please let me know your comments and questions about this article.

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