Maintenance to speed up your computer

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Simple Maintenance that can speed up your Computer

When was the last time you did maintenance on your PC?

A question most of us will shy away from. By nature, majority of the computer users will wait for that memorable day when their PC crashes, so that they can finally do some maintenance work on their PC. By then it will be too late and the user will lose valuable data and programs. To say the least, identifying the problem and rectifying it (if not fatal) finally happens at the cost of time and effort.

It is in this context that Routine Computer Maintenance becomes relevant. So let’s try to understand this process called Routine Computer Maintenance. In simple terms, it consists of tasks that you should perform on your machine over a consistent period of time – say, weekly, monthly etc. If your system is to have a long life, work fast and efficiently during this time, then Routine Computer Maintenance is the key. Ironically, we seldom realize that it takes only a few minutes every day to effectively take care of our system.

Some of the tasks you can accomplish are discussed here to improve reliability and performance as follows.

  1. Back up: Backing up your sensitive data on a storage device or offsite backup over an internet connection will save you lots of heartache. Imagine losing all your family valuable photos that’s you’ve taken for years or your QuickBooks files you stored all your financial information? You don’t have to worry about the loss of data if your system crashes due to viruses or hardware damages if you have a good backup. I will write another blog about offsite backup providers at some later point.
  2. Disc cleaning: Have you ever felt your browser is slow or non-responsive or giving errors while you are on the internet?  Most times, these errors or performance issues can be solved by cleaning up your temporary internet files.  Generally, if you open internet explorer, then click on internet options and general tab, you will see a delete button, you can delete all the internet explorer temp files. 
  3. Physical Condition of the Computer: It is a good idea to open up the case of your PC if you can and remove the dust particles. You can use the “air can” which can be purchased from office supplies stores. Dust particles generate more heat, which can destroy the hardware components inside the computer. You can use the “air can” to clean out the keyboard, mouse and monitor as well.
  4. Software updates: Software updates are often released to improve performance or fix security issues that are found with the software. I recommend updating your windows software and your anti-virus software frequently. Since there are no standards for anti-virus software updates, send me an email with the name of the anti-virus software you are running and I can send you specific instructions. My email address is info@protechitsolutions.com.
  5. Disk defragmentation: This will ensure that all the scattered files are at a common location and thus make the job of the computer easy and faster. Performing this procedure once a month will increase system efficiency. This tool is built in to windows for your use. You can find this tool by going to Start->All Programs-> System Tools->Accessories ->Disk Defragmenter.
  6. Removal of unwanted software: Removing unnecessary programs are another easy way to make your computer more reliable and faster. The more free resources the computer has, the faster it will run.

When all is said and done, your PC will respond to you in a much better way which will surprise you. Routine Computer Maintenance is a simple thing anyone can do to make your computer run faster!

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