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Inexpensive fax solutions for a Small Business or an Individual

Do you have a need to send or receive faxes? Do you want to have a dedicated fax number? In this article, I will discuss various options and benefits you have using online fax solutions.

There are various ways of getting fax solutions over the internet these days. Using this technology will eliminate the cost of telephone line, fax machine and its maintenance. Online fax services are reliable and a proven technology. The obvious question that comes to the mind of the reader is the ways by one receive the faxes. The common and easy way to get the faxes is thru email. The fax solution provider can email the faxes to your email address or you can access the faxes via the provider’s website. All the settings such as forwarding email address can be managed via a web console. Pricing can be dependent on the fax solution provider you select. Typically, it can be free to few dollars a month.

There are other benefits to using online fax services versus traditional fax machine. Suppose you receive a paper fax from a fax machine and you want to keep a copy on your computer. The only way to accomplish this task is by scanning it and saving it on to your hard drive. You would need a scanner in addition to the fax machine to accomplish this goal. With the online fax technology, fax would come in to an email as an attachment and you can save the attachment to your hard drive without any issues. Most fax solution providers will be emailing the fax in a PDF (Acrobat) format so you can manipulate the document.

What if your fax machine breaks? What if your phone line is not working? You will stop receiving faxes in this scenario. If you use online fax solutions, you don’t have to worry about such an issue since it doesn’t depend on breakable parts such as fax machines or phone lines.

 eFax.com, Fax.com, SmartFax.com, myFax.com and Send2Fax.com are some of the best providers in this arena. You can check them out and select the one depending on requirements.  

 At first glance, it might look a bit complicated but it is very easy. Moreover, this will help you to substantially cut down on downtime, avoid burdens of spending for a fax machine, its maintenance and paying huge telephone bills. Please let me know your comments and suggestions.

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