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Ways to come up with a good computer password?

In this article, I will offer you some valuable tips for coming up with a good password that will protect your identity online. Having a complex and tough password is one of the keys in this battle for your information from unauthorized users. In this modern era, we are always online checking our emails, bank accounts or shopping. Let these tips be a guide to you in this battle.

1. Don’t use simple passwords: For convenience sake, some people use simple password such as joe or password or smith1. For a hacker or a program that is out to steal your information, you will be an easy target. It is important to use numbers as well as symbols such as ! or @ in your password to make life difficult for someone who is trying to steal your password.

2. Upper case characters: Always have an upper case character in your password and avoid having all upper case character passwords.

3. Don’t have short passwords: Your password should not be short. I recommend having at least 6 (six) characters in your password.

4. Need to type password fast: While selecting characters try and see if you can type it quickly, i.e. by not taking so much of time while entering it. This can help ensure that someone sitting beside you can never follow your typing and ultimately find your password.

5. Don’t use personal information: Never ever use basic personal information as your password. This includes personal details like your name or date of birth, your child or spouse’s name, the name of your company etc. It is likely that there are people out there who know these details.

6. Don’t use the same passwords for multiple accounts: If you are the owner of different accounts, make sure not to use the same password for all of them. Find different but easy to remember passwords for each of these passwords.

7. Don’t write your password on the monitor or keyboard: Don’t write down your password for your easy. It will make it easier for someone to sign on to your accounts who is curious to know about you even if they don’t mean anything malicious.

These are only some of the recommendation that I would like to suggest on this article. Please be sure to come up with a complex password such as £sIC09tic@PP using the guide lines above. This password may look odd and difficult but if you can manage something close, a determined hacker and his brute force tools might finally call it a day!

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